Wednesday 16 April 2014

Are all England captains cursed?

Every player claims it's his life ambition but leading the England team has been something of a poisoned chalice. Losing the captaincy was a bitter experience for John Terry while Rio Ferdinand also felt harshly treated.  

Even Bobby Moore, who lead England to their only triumph, spent the days before the following tournament in jail - see here for details. The 1974 World Cup was not a happy experience for Moore, either - many blamed the ageing player's participation for England's failure to qualify.

Bryan Robson also had a grim time. He missed most of both 1986 (shoulder) and 1990 (achilles). David Beckham could also be forgiven for not thinking of the Jules Rimet trophy with any affection. He was sent off in the crucial game against Argentina in 1998 and taking the armband in 2001 brought no better fortune. Unfit during the 2002 tournament (broken metatarsal) he went off injured in his last game as captain against Portugal in 2006.

Will things work out better for Steven Gerrard? England fans hope so but he should avoid black cats and keep his fingers firmly crossed. Let's hope he used up all his bad luck in that season-deciding fateful slip against Chelsea at Anfield ....

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